Colorado Voters Say Immigration Is The Top Issue

( – A recent survey shows that illegal immigration is now a major concern for voters in the state of Colorado. The survey was conducted by the Colorado Polling Institute. According to over a quarter of the participants, illegal immigration emerged as the top concern, with homelessness the next issue in line.

The survey revealed that 66% of respondents in the Denver area view illegal immigration as a crisis or a major problem. Other areas in the state share the same sentiment, with 57% of respondents in agreement. The survey results align with recent trends in the entire US, reflecting growing concerns about immigration across the country. However, the poll also highlighted other important issues like the rising cost of living or price of tax.

The poll covered other topics as well, including sports betting legalization and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Although respondents agreed that illegal immigration is a critical issue, opinions diverged on who should be held accountable. Many blamed Congress for not passing any good laws regarding the southern border crisis and not providing funding for cities like Denver. Others pointed fingers at the Biden administration, the immigration laws in the state, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Despite their concerns about immigration, most respondents valued diversity, with two-thirds believing that a diverse population makes Colorado stronger. However, there were differences in opinion based on factors such as religious affiliation.

The issue of illegal immigration and its impact on Denver has recently gained national attention. The city has seen a significant influx of immigrants over the past year. With costs only getting higher, many necessary budget cuts and limited federal assistance from the government, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston has warned of potential financial strain. The question of immigration on a national scale will be a big-ticket issue during the upcoming presidential election in November.

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