College Student Sentenced to Prison After Setting Fire to Abortion Clinic

( – A woman who burned down an abortion clinic because of her alleged anxiety attacks and nightmares has been officially sentenced to five years in prison in Wyoming.

Back in July, Lorna Roxanne Green, a college student, pleaded not guilty to felony arson. As she was originally facing over 20 years in prison, it is likely she took a plea deal. During the recent hearing, she expressed remorse and took full responsibility for her actions. Green stated that she realized it was wrong immediately after the act. She showed no open anti-abortion views on social media, but she did express opposition to abortion during her interactions with investigators.

The crime happened in May of 2022 and took place just weeks before the clinic, Wellspring Health Access in Casper, was scheduled to open. The extensive damage incurred by the building required hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, which caused a very long delay in the facility’s officially opening. Court documents reveal that Green confessed to breaking into the clinic, spreading gasoline throughout the interior, and igniting the fire.

Green admitted to purchasing gasoline cans and aluminum pans the day before the arson, transporting them to the clinic in a bag, and using a rock to break the door’s glass to gain entry. She proceeded to pour gasoline into the pans in various rooms and on the floor before igniting the fire.

Judge Melissa Owens of Teton County has given sympathy to arguments claiming that a 2012 state constitutional amendment, which guarantees Wyoming residents the right to make their healthcare decisions, conflicts with the abortion bans. While abortion remains legal in Wyoming, many women in the rural state often seek the procedure in nearby states, such as Colorado.

Wellspring Health Access clinic, which eventually opened in April, offers both surgical and pill abortions, making it the first of its kind in Wyoming in over a decade. In the state, only one other clinic, located in Jackson about 250 miles away, provides abortions, and only via pill.

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