Cohen Admits He ‘Stole From the Trump Organization’

( – Former attorney for Donald Trump and current star witness in the New York campaign finance case against the former president, Michael Cohen admitted on the stand that he stole roughly $30,000 from the Trump organization during cross examination on Monday, May 20. The funds were allegedly part of a $50,000 withdrawal that he took to pay $20,000 in bills for the company. Trump’s lawyer then asked Cohen to confirm that he stole the remainder; he agreed. Cohen has never been charged with the theft.

The cross-examination was pivotal as the defense painted Cohen as a serial liar who was out to get Trump for perceived wrongs. Trump’s lawyers had previously established that Cohen has a criminal history including an extensively documented history of lying while under oath.

Cohen is the last of the prosecution’s witnesses, and it’s not clear how many Trump’s team will call in his defense or if they’ll put Trump himself on the stand. The trial has gone on for four weeks and the jury has heard lurid sexual details as described by former adult entertainer Stormy Daniels as well as Michael Cohen’s tall tales under oath which paint Trump as unscrupulous.

Trump pleaded not guilty and his team has maintained that the facts of the case aren’t in dispute but rather New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg has warped them into criminal allegations for political purposes.

Trump told the press outside the courthouse that he paid “a legal expense” which is how one accounts for non-disclosure agreements; he added there’s nothing criminal about it.

Bragg will have the opportunity to call rebuttal witnesses if they want to counter any testimony offered by witnesses for the defense, including the former president. Judge Juan Merchan, frequently lambasted as a political actor due to his daughter’s work fundraising for the Biden campaign, has previously stated that he anticipates closing arguments to begin the week following Memorial Day.

Trump’s team hasn’t stated whether or not Trump will take the stand.

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