Clinton Says Putin Could Influence 2024 Election

( – Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton appears to be resurrecting what many likely view to be a recycled narrative about election meddling in the United States on the part of the Russian government. In an interview that aired on September 24, the former New York senator told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki that Russia’s past interference during her 2016 battle with Donald Trump had left them “adept” in their skillset.

Psaki stated unambiguously that Putin “has indeed interfered” during previous elections and asked Clinton if she feared the potentiality playing out in the upcoming election cycle. The host asserted that the issue was not something that was often discussed and asked her subject if she thought it needed to be brought further into the open.

Clinton responded that “despite” the litany of “deniers,” there was “no doubt” Putin had engaged in meddling before. The former Obama administration official appeared to be referring to former President Donald Trump when she went on to say that the Russian President was guilty of “funding political candidates” and “buying off” unnamed “government officials.”

Clinton told Psaki that if Putin is given the chance to involve himself in the 2024 race, “he’ll do it.” The former first lady also said the United States is full of “apologists and enablers” that argue on behalf of the Russian President. She reminded Psaki of Putin’s apparent disdain for her candidacy and said that the head-of-state had “worked” extremely “hard” to keep her from assuming the Presidency.

A Senate Intelligence report reportedly found that President Putin preferred having Donald Trump remain as the American President in 2020. Because of this, the report alleges that the Russian government made efforts to undermine the potential candidacy of Clinton at the time.

Democrats have tried unsuccessfully to link President Trump to those alleged Russian efforts. Representative Adam Schiff was recently censured by his House colleagues for lying about Trump’s involvement.

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