Clinton-Produced Broadway Musical A Bust

( – “Suffs,” on Broadway is a new musical about the suffragette movement in the early 20th century wherein women protested until they achieved the right to vote as enshrined in the Nineteenth Amendment.

The play was co-produced by Hillary Clinton and Malala Yousafzai and despite a gynocentrism being trendy in entertainment, the play only managed to fill 81% of its seating capacity over eight performances the first week in May. It got worse the following week. Relative to other performances at the same time, the show finished in the last 23% of all shows on Broadway.

The song-laden musical was penned by Shaina Taub with Leigh Silverman directing. Rachel Sussman and Jill Furman helped produce along with Clinton and Yousafzai. The show is new, opening in April for the first time.

Like most musicals, it comes in around 3 hours. It’s set in 1913 during the beginning of the women’s suffrage movement and the self-styled “Suffs” sing and dance about their desire for equal rights in a male-dominated society. The play’s advertising highlights women coming together across class, race, and generational divides and suggests “these brilliant, flawed women” offer an inspiring tale of winning a challenging battle in the fight for civil rights. It also suggests that there is “an ongoing fight” and hopes to offer retrospective inspiration for audiences to carry with them into the present and future.

Clinton told members of the press that she identified with “all” the characters. She elaborated that building relationships with colleagues was crucial toward achieving success. She compared her 2016 presidential bid to the fight for women’s voting rights. Clinton famously lost to Donald Trump after the establishment universally agreed she was going to win. Polling similarly indicated Clinton was likely to win the office. Trump’s victory was shocking to many.

Daily Wire regular and author Michael Knowles highlighted that the cast is all female or men who pretend to be something other than. Liberals and young people tend to call that “transgender” or “non-binary.”

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