CIA Creating AI Tool To Sort Through Public Information

( – The CIA are set to create an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT. This program will be trained on publicly available data and will provide sources alongside its responses, allowing agents to verify their accuracy. The CIA plans to distribute this AI tool to other US intelligence agencies in the near future.

The objective is to help US spies better navigate the vast amounts of information available, although determining what is “public data” may raise privacy concerns.

Randy Nixon, the CIA’s Director of Open Source Enterprise, highlighted the evolving landscape of information sources, emphasizing the need to find valuable insights within massive sets of data. Nixon explained that the tool would enable agents to retrieve information, ask follow-up questions, and distill extensive datasets. He added that it would facilitate interactive conversations with the AI, providing sourced answers. This approach allows for continuous growth in data collection without significant limitations.

While the CIA has not disclosed the specific AI tool serving as the basis for its chatbot, it intends to make it accessible to the entire US intelligence community. However, it won’t be available to lawmakers or the public.

Nixon assured that the tool would adhere to US privacy laws, but he did not elaborate on how it would be safeguarded from potential internet leaks or the use of questionably acquired but technically “public” data. Past instances have seen federal agencies and law enforcement circumventing warrants to acquire data through commercial marketplaces, including phone locations categorized as open-source.

The decision to use and make this tool is partly influenced by China’s ambitions to become the world’s leading AI power by 2030. The US government has taken steps to counter China’s influence while addressing domestic and economic AI risks. Initiatives include the launch of a Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, the development of an AI risk management framework, and substantial investments in AI and machine learning research institutes.

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