Chinese Migration To The US Has Skyrocketed

( – If you’re under the impression that the immigration crisis in the United States is limited to illegal aliens from Latin America, you would be wrong. According to the latest statistics, Individuals from Africa and Asia are pouring across the nation’s southern border as well.

Many Americans are becoming familiar with the “migrant encounter” tallies routinely released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Most would probably agree that the population at large generally associates those totals with Central and South American migrants. That stereotype is likely to change if the CPB’s latest numbers on Chinese migration continue at their present rate.

The agency recently reported that their agents have interacted with almost 45,500 Chinese nationals over the course of about the last year. For the fiscal year of 2022, only 28,000 interactions were recorded. According to the agency, a large portion of the encounters took place in sectors along the U.S. border with Mexico. The overwhelming majority of those were said to involve adults who were unaccompanied.

A recent report from one mainstream outlet appears to suggest that the issue could pose a risk to our nation that goes far beyond changing its demographics. An expert that was interviewed for the piece asked if the Chinese Communist Party could be behind the surge in its citizens illegally entering our country.

If that were the case, it could have national security implications. Rebecca Grant, a national security expert and Ph.D., told Newsweek that it is widely known “that China” has been “using everything” in their political and military arsenals “to spy on” the U.S. military and steal its “high technology.”

She pointed out that the CCP is by no means “our friend” and that the “dramatic upswing” in Chinese stateside migration “definitely” poses a “national security” problem to the United States. Current totals from the CBP show that 86 percent of Chinese migrants are single adults.

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