China Steals More Information Than Anyone Else

( – FBI Director Christopher Wray has warned the US government and public about China’s hacking groups, saying they are the strongest group globally. He said during an interview that China’s hacking capabilities by far surpass the rest of the worlds, and that they steal the most information.

Wray made this statement during a joint interview with the leaders of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, made of the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. He said that China’s hacking groups are a huge threat to the entire world, especially the five eyes organization.

He emphasized that the theft of intellectual property extends beyond Wall Street, and that it affects American families as well.

However, Wray refrained from categorizing China’s actions as criminal. He instead noted that they are doing what any other country in the world would do in their position.

It was reported in June that China will be making a Naval base in Cuba. The reason for this base is most likely for spying purposes, and to position a base close to the US. The US has called moves like this as a provocation, and warned that such actionss could spark something much more dangerous in the future.

Chinese influence and expansion in the world will definitely be a huge topic regarding the 2024 elections. Some analysts believe that China is by far the biggest threat against US interests, even more so than Russia. A Chinese embassy official did make a short comment regarding their actions in Cuba, saying it’s nothing different than what the US does with its foreign policy.

In July, Richard Moore, the head of MI6, said he was concerned about China for the British intelligence agency. He emphasized that there is a need to understand why China is buffing up its presence like this.

China’s foreign ministry has not responded to any of these allegations.

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