China is Working on Bioweapons

( – In a recent interview on “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE,” Gordon Chang, renowned author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” raised alarming concerns about China’s potential development of biological weapons specifically designed to target the human brain. Chang’s findings are similar to those initially reported by The Washington Times.

Chang emphasized that China’s lack of participation in the Biological Weapons Convention leaves room for the exploration and development of such weaponry. He highlighted recent studies by the Chinese Communist Party that apparently delve into biological agents capable of inducing sleep or sleep-related disturbances against their enemies. There are also indications of research focused on establishing interfaces between the human brain and external devices, as well as pharmaceuticals intended to genetically and physiologically incapacitate people.

Discussing the concept of ‘genetic drugs,’ Chang stressed its potential as a form of biological weaponry, asserting that the alleged research and development being conducted by China possesses clear biological implications, especially for setting up a biological attack. The urgency of addressing China’s alleged biological weapons program was heightened by Chang’s suggestion that it might be linked to the recent global pandemic.

Supporting Chang’s assertions, Fred Fleitz, Vice Chair of the America First Policy Institute Center, drew parallels with prior incidents in Havana, Cuba, where similar tactics were allegedly employed. Fleitz expressed grave concerns over the ethical and legal implications, arguing that the development and utilization of such biological weapons would constitute a severe violation of international agreements, including the Biological Weapons Convention.

The discussion between Chang and Fleitz underscores growing apprehensions within the international community regarding China’s alleged pursuit of advanced biological weapons. As calls for transparency and accountability mount, the need for a comprehensive investigation into these claims becomes increasingly imperative to safeguard global security and uphold international treaties, especially considering the tensions between China and the western world are high.

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