Chicago Signs $30 Million Contract To Build Winter Proof Tent For Migrants

( – The city that’s already facing a 2024 budget shortfall of more than half a billion dollars is simultaneously planning on building an almost $30 million tent facility to house a portion of the area’s mass of illegal aliens.

GardaWorld Federal secured the contract for the center’s construction with the city of Chicago on September 12. Their agreement will run for one year and the business will also be obligated to provide staffing and oversight for the facility’s daily operations. Garda is perhaps most commonly known as being the company that patrols Walmart parking lots nationwide.

The tentative encampment is said to be far more complex than what one would see on a garden-variety weekend camping trip. Garda’s contract calls for the company to raise tents on an industrial scale, with each umbrella enclosure needing to be capable of housing at least 250 migrants. The higher end of those logistics call for a capacity of 1,400.

Each individual tent will sleep 12 migrants in a circular yurt-like format. The winterized facilities are also said to include bathrooms, private kitchens and laundry services. Childcare and transportation services will be provided to migrants as well. Despite having access to their own cooking amenities, immigrants will also be given three meals per day if they choose to eat in a group setting.

Over 13,500 illegal aliens have arrived in the Windy City since border states like Texas began bussing their recent arrivals to self-professed sanctuary locations elsewhere in the nation. During that period of time, Chicago officials have spent an estimated $250 million addressing the influx.

Legal residents at a September 13 alderman meeting in Chicago’s 21st ward appeared infuriated with the mayor’s plan. One resident accused city leaders of dumping migrants in their already-challenged neighborhood. The move “is not fair,” asserted local Annette Cain. Another attendee said the city’s decision was like putting “a Band-Aid” on top of “a gunshot wound.”

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