Chauvin Stabbed In Prison, Barely Saved His Life

( – Derek Chauvin, the former cop from the police dept of Minneapolis who was convicted of murdering George Floyd, survived a stabbing in prison by another inmate on Friday, November 24. Officials have informed various media outlets regarding the attack.

Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara and Keith Ellison’s spokesperson, Brian Evans, shared updates on Chauvin’s condition. O’Hara mentioned that Chauvin is reported to be in stable condition, while Evans stated that he is expected to survive. The US prisons bureau, which has custody of Chauvin, only disclosed that an unnamed person at a Tucson lockup was assaulted on Friday afternoon, with no further details due to safety and privacy concerns.

Chauvin, 47, gained international infamy for kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for almost 10 minutes, allegedly leading to Floyd’s death. Found guilty of second-degree murder, he was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison, concurrently with a 21-year sentence for violating Floyd’s federal civil rights. Chauvin, incarcerated in a Tucson federal prison, was critically wounded in a stabbing on Friday around 12:30 pm local time. Prison staff administered life-saving measures before transferring him to a nearby hospital for further stabilization.

The Tucson prison has faced challenges like staffing shortages and security issues. This incident marks the second high-profile stabbing of a federal prisoner, the first involving Dr. Larry Nassar in July. Chauvin’s lawyers had advocated for keeping him out of the general population, fearing violence.

Chauvin’s attorney, Gregory Erickson, criticized the lack of transparency from federal prison officials regarding the stabbing, expressing concern about the poorly managed facility and its staffing and safety issues. In a statement, Ellison said he deplored the attack, and he emphasized Chauvin’s right to serve his sentence without fear of violence or death from other inmates. The assault has heightened concerns about safety and security in the prison system, especially regarding cases like Chauvin’s, where the convict’s face was plastered all over the news during the events three years ago.

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