Celebrities React After Two Biological Men Take Top Spots In Women’s Championship

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Two men took first and second place and went home with cash prizes after winning a woman’s bicycle race in Chicago. A woman took third place behind the two trans-identified men on October 7th, during the Chicago CycloCross Cup (CCC).

‘Tessa’ Johnson, 25, won the gold with ‘Evelyn’ Williamson, 30, behind him taking the silver medal. The Single Speed competition resulted in Allison Zmuda winning third place, the only female to place in an ostensibly women’s competition.

The New York Post noted in its coverage that Williamson raced in men’s and women’s competitions in 2020, winning first place in women’s sports while failing to place in men’s.

Johnson took home the $150 cash prize while Williamson walked away with $75. The host organization makes it crystal clear on its website that it supports the idea of men beating women in their competitions under a ‘gender-inclusive’ rationale. It has an entire paragraph about “fostering a positive” community and cites USA Cycling’s Transgender Participation policies as their guidelines for including men in women’s competitions.

Former women’s track and field coach Linda Blade slammed CCC in a post on X, suggesting they stop labeling them “women’s events.” She called the events “beta-male races” with some women involved.

Podcaster Megyn Kelly suggested the fact two men won a race for women was “infuriating,” Kelly has been a frequent firebrand and critic of gender ideology.

British pundit Piers Morgan suggested it was “outrageous” in a post on X and asked why there weren’t more women objecting to “this assault on their rights?”

Former college swimmer Riley Gaines replied to the report of two men winning a women’s competition by suggesting USA Cycling has two leagues for men and none for women. She also offered to pay prize money to any woman who refused to compete with men.

Curiously USA Cycling has specific prohibitions against identity fraud with specific rules against using “assumed name[s]” but it does allow men to declare themselves women by fiat.

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