Casualty Incident at US-Mexico Border

( – Illegal aliens attempting to cross the southern border by scaling a wall were injured after falling on Saturday, March 2. Nearly a dozen individuals were taken to hospitals after the San Diego Fire Department reported a “mass casualty” event near Border Field State Park, per reports from local media.

Fire department representatives said they were notified by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol that eight people had fallen from the top of a border fence and required medical attention. They reportedly attended to eleven patients ranging in age from late teens to mid-40s. The most serious injury was a broken leg.

Children were apparently with some of the injured and rode with them in ambulances.

Director of the American Friends Service Committee’s U.S./Mexico Border Program Pedro Rios indicated that illegal aliens are regularly injured during attempts at illegally crossing the southern border. He highlighted that San Diego is a frequent entry point for illegals, and called it one of the “busiest corridors.”

Rios said that injuries occur every day and include rope burns from scaling the wall, or fall-related injuries. He said he was at the wall shortly before the incident and witnessed roughly 100 illegals in the area. When he asked them how they crossed, many reported that they came over the wall. There was rain shortly beforehand which he suggested made the climb more treacherous.

Other parts of the wall are being topped off with anti-scaling features. The new construction features a tiny roof or “techitos” which is designed to prevent folks from being able to scale the wall. The section of the wall having this added is between San Diego and Tijuana. Pictures and video are available at the previous link from Friends of Friendship Park on Instagram.

The southern border crisis continues unabated, as the Biden administration refuses to use its authority to stem the tide of illegals. Biden and the Democrats have repeatedly suggested that the problem requires “comprehensive immigration reform.” Their last attempt was widely rejected by Senate and House Republicans after it was criticized for legalizing up to 2 million illegal entrants per year.

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