Cartoon Network Goes All Out For “Trans Day Of Visibility,” No Mention Of Easter

( – The controversy over the celebration of “Trans Day of Visibility” spread to Cartoon Network on Sunday, which also happened to be Easter this year. The network which primarily airs cartoons geared for children and young adults shared a post on Instagram which highlighted the trans holiday. They did not share a post celebrating Easter, the traditionally Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after the government had executed him.

Worth noting, folks over the age of 13 who identify as transgender (believe they are truly not the biological sex they were born as and require surgical/chemical correction) make up less than 0.5% of the American population, while Christians make up more than half.

The Cartoon Network posted a trans-themed rainbow with positive affirmations like “I am growing into my fullest self,” and “my body belongs to me.” Ironically the comment attached to the post said “you are valid, just as you are.” The poster also warned potential commenters to “be kind or be blocked.”

This isn’t the first time the children’s television network has pushed leftist propaganda. Last year, it posted an endorsement of gender bending on X as if it represented the individual’s “authentic self,” and encouraged viewers to “respect” alternative pronouns and chosen names.

They even used the ideology as the basis for a “non-binary inclusive” episode of “We Baby Bears” wherein the characters affirmed chosen pronouns. That episode aired in June, which is also Gay Pride month in the US.

The Biden administration also took flak for highlighting the “trans holiday” while ignoring Easter. Biden’s administration issued a proclamation naming March 31, 2024 as a trans holiday and a day later denied it was his doing, after the backlash.

Critical commentary on X suggested the administration was engaged in an intentionally provocative act. The Biden administration has drummed up allegations that “white Christian nationalism” is the greatest threat to the country. However, there’s been no incidents of mass violence attributable to Christian nationalists.

There have been a startling number of mass shootings where the killer identified as trans or non-binary, but that aspect is frequently left out of media reports.

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