Bud Light’s New Spokesman is Comic Shane Gillis

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Frequently boycotted brand Bud Light has hired controversial comedian Shane Gillis to help attempt to revitalize the beleaguered beverage company after a popular boycott sunk its sales last year.

Bud Light announced the new partnership with Gillis on Instagram. The brand has been struggling mightily since announcing a previous partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney quickly rose to international fame after he created a TikTok series charting his “adventures as a girl.”

Mulvaney had multiple brand endorsements but his affiliation with Bud Light stunned and appalled regular drinkers of the beer. Many bars refused to carry it and sales tanked by a popular rejection of feminized caricature being portrayed by Mulvaney. The executive in charge of Bud Light’s marketing, Alissa Heinerschied, was effectively fired. However, the company refused to say it with that precise wording due to potential legal ramifications.

Heinerscheid had previously suggested that Mulvaney would update the brand which she said was “fratty,” and “out-of-touch.” It seems she was the one who was out of touch with customers.

Gillis had previously been hired and fired from SNL in 2019 after some old jokes of his came to critical attention. Many suggested he was “racist” which triggered his firing from SNL at the time.

Gillis had also given public input on the Mulvaney controversy during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s JRE podcast. He said the brand turned themselves into the butt of an obvious joke. He suggested that ordering Bud Light had become an indictment of one’s masculinity or carried the suggestion that the drinker could be made homosexual by the beer. That kind of dig at a product is difficult to overcome.

Bud Light’s Vice President for Marketing Todd Allen speaking with Fox News Digital said that humor was a central feature of Bud Light’s marketing plan. He added that the company was thrilled to partner with Gillis and his 2024 comedy tour.

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