Brian Dorsey’s Final Words Before Being Executed

( – Convicted murderer Brian Dorsey was executed on the evening of April 9 in Missouri. Dorsey murdered his cousin, Sarah Bonnie, and her husband, Ben Bonnie, just before Christmas in 2006. Dorsey had made several attempts, including a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, to have his life spared.

Prosecutors said that Dorsey attempted to borrow money from Sarah earlier in the day on December 23, 2006 to pay off drug dealers. Sarah and Ben Bonnie went to Dorsey’s apartment and the drug dealers left. They then spent the remainder of the day drinking and partying together. Later that evening, Dorsey returned to the Bonnie’s and killed them both while they slept in their bed using a shotgun from their garage to do the deed. He took items from their home and used them to finance his drug debt.

Dorsey maintains that he was in a drug-induced psychosis at the time after self-medicating years of chronic depression with drugs and alcohol. He also said that his public defenders were paid a paltry sum of $12,000 each to defend him which created a “financial conflict of interest,” disincentivizing them to work hard on his case.

Over 70 correctional officers signed a letter asking authorities to spare his life. They said that Dorsey was truly remorseful for his actions, citing a spotless record of good behavior in prison. Gov. Mike Parson declined to intervene, citing the trauma the killings inflicted upon the families of the victims and the need for justice and closure.

Dorsey accepted his fate and expressed his sentiments in a written statement before being executed by lethal injection. To the family of the victims he said he was “totally, deeply, overwhelmingly sorry.” He said he never had malice for anyone in his heart and he was grateful for his friends who tried to intervene on his behalf. He wrote that he understood the need for his death, and accepted it without anger or ill will.

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