Brands Pull Ads From Rumble After They Refuse To Censor Russell Brand

( – Despite the recent allegations thrown at Russell Brand, most libertarian-minded individuals would likely say that the once perpetually dopesick drug addict has come a long way in his personal development.

The man who at one point was arrogant enough to show up to an MTV awards show dressed as Osama bin Laden the day after 911 has since built a large public following questioning the establishment narrative.

Many are examining both the validity and timing of the claims that have been leveled against him. No matter what the final outcome of those allegations may be and despite no charges having been filed against him, all but one major tech platform seems to have already convicted the personality.

Following unproven accusations of assault against the host, YouTube instantly cut off his monetization. Brand’s channel on the platform still exists, but his ability to make money does not. In response, he asked his followers, whom he refers to as “awakening wonders,” to migrate to Rumble.

The growing competitor to Google-owned YouTube is seen by many to be a censorship-free bastion for free thought. It similarly gives creators the ability to monetize their content.

From the beginning of the controversy, Rumble administration has refused to demonetize Brand’s videos or to subject him to any form of censorship. The choice has been praised by many users, but seemingly condemned by major advertisers, who are reportedly abandoning the platform in large numbers. Burger King, ASOS and HelloFresh have all paused their ads and more may follow suit.

Many are considering what is playing out against the British pundit to be part of a coordinated attempt at silencing his anti-establishment voice. His ability to influence is well-known and on Youtube alone the former VJ has over 6.5 million subscribers.

Brand routinely criticizes government leaders and frequently questions the intentions of the medical and military industries. He has “absolutely” refuted all the allegations brought against him.

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