Boy, 13, Arrested On Suspicion Of Making Series Of Bomb Hoaxes

( – A 13-year-old boy who sent bomb threats to six different schools in Southampton, England, has been arrested. As the threats were first believed to be credible, the hoaxes led to significant disruptions. The six schools had to evacuate all their students.

Some schools sent emails to parents advising them to keep their children at home as well, although most opted for full evacuation as it was the safest option for children that were currently present at school.

The name of the suspect has not been officially released as he is still a minor.

Stewart Roderick, the headteacher of one of the schools, Bitterne Park School, was one of the first workers from the district to send out information regarding the bomb threats. In his message he advised parents that there was an investigation underway into the threats, and that the children at his school were safe and were preparing to be evacuated.

James Habberley, headteacher of another school affected by the threat, Saint George’s, explained that the school first received a bomb threat around eight in the morning. Habberley said that the entire process of evacuation strictly followed protocol. He stated that all present students were evacuated safely and were later allowed to return to their usual curriculum after police fully confirmed that the threat was a hoax.

Superintendent Phil Lamb, the head of the Southampton School District, addressed the community’s concerns. Lamb stated he fully understands why parents would be concerned and angry about the threats. He assured the parents that all students were safe and accounted for, and that, thankfully, the threat was not credible at all.

Lamb thanked the local community and the police for their assistance and complimented the schools for following evacuation procedures properly. During such an event, it is the quick response and collaboration between the police and schools which can help ensure the students are safe.

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