Border Patrol Agents Come Under Fire From Gunmen In Mexico

( – Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents were fired upon by unknown gunmen operating across the border in Mexico on Wednesday, May 8 near El Paso, Texas. The incident was described as involving “use of force” which suggests the CBP agents returned fire. There were no injuries reported.

Authorities reported that they came under attack near the Ysleta area of the El Paso Sector in the afternoon on May 8. CBP and FBI officials are investigating the matter and gave no further comment pending the results of those inquiries.

The FBI confirmed to the media that they were involved and investigating. They indicated that their Evidence Recovery Team was combing the crime scene for evidence. FBI El Paso’s Violent Crime Task Force and the CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility are collaborating to determine who fired upon the CBP agents.

Over 8 million illegals have come into the country during President Joe Biden’s administration while criminals feel comfortable enough along the southern border to open fire on U.S. soldiers.

That’s in addition to the estimated 10 million already in the country prior to Joe Biden taking office. Conservatives have pointed out that the number of illegals is sufficient to sway the distribution of Representatives in Congress such that states with more illegals get more Representatives (they’re counted in the census) and thus hold a larger sway over the entire legislature.

Democrat states and affiliated NGOs then promise these illegals oodles of financial support, often using US tax dollars acquired through grants. The number of illegals living in New York and California is higher than those settling in Florida or Texas.

The southern border has become so porous that known terrorists are being admitted into the country, ostensibly because the Department of Homeland Security couldn’t positively identify the man since he threw away his identification. Mohammad Kharwin, 48, is involved with Hezb-e-Islami, a radical militia based out of Afghanistan that was responsible for killing multiple U.S. soldiers between 2013-2015.

DHS blamed a lack of “conclusive information” as to why he wasn’t automatically flagged. ICE arrested him immediately upon discovering he was in the country due to a media report.

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