Border Numbers Near All-Time High

( – With an administration at the helm of the country that seems to actively facilitate border crossings by allowing migrants to schedule their entries, the number of illegal aliens pouring across America’s southern border appears to be nearing its all-time high.

While those under the purview of the White House have yet to release official counts for the month of August, estimated totals can be piecemealed together using unofficial figures that Customs and Border Protection agents often leak to reporters and legislators.

An estimated 36,000 people crossed from Mexico into the United States during the weekend of September 15-18, according to a well-known reporter who claims to have sources inside CBP. That tally is reportedly tied to the number of individuals who had interactions with border officials and does not include migrants who slipped in unnoticed.

The record for the number of daily illegal crossings was set in May just prior to the expiration of Title 42. At that time, more than 10,000 people were coming across every 24 hours. Past numbers aside, the current uptick runs in stark contrast to numbers the Biden administration was promoting the month after the peak. In June, officials said crossings had declined by around 70%.

The issue appears to have become so unmanageable that even migrant-friendly areas like New York are now crying foul. Mayor Eric Adams, who only one year ago showed up at the Big Apple’s main bus terminal to welcome new arrivals, appears to have finally conceded that the influx is unsustainable. The city’s social services are completely overwhelmed, he said not long ago.

CBS also appears to be questioning the border narrative. Their latest piece covering the migrant inflow acknowledges the near-record number of crossings and suggests that the President’s “border strategy” is being tested.

On September 18, half of the nation’s governors sent a joint letter to the administration accusing White House officials of incentivizing illegal crossings.

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