Bin Laden’s Letter To America Goes Viral On TikTok

( – Osama Bin Laden’s infamous “Letter to America” went viral on the Chinese-owned video streaming platform TikTok, with younger people celebrating the letter and claiming they agreed with Osama Bin Laden’s viewpoints regarding the United States. The letter from bin Laden first surfaced following the September 11th terrorist attacks, in which almost 3,000 Americans lost their lives.

The letter from bin Laden is full of antisemitism and anti-Western sentiment, and the deceased terrorist explains his justification for attacking the United States throughout its contents. According to TikTok influencers, bin Laden’s letter illuminates key geopolitical issues and highlights American imperialism.

One influencer claimed that everybody should look into bin Laden’s letter, which left her “disillusioned.” Another influencer claimed that bin Laden’s letter changed her entire perspective regarding the ongoing conflict within the Middle East. A key concern for many is that the letter is prompting younger social media influencers to identify with terrorists and feel sympathy for militant extremists.

TikTok is attempting to remove the hashtag associated with bin Laden’s letter due to heavy criticism for allowing the letter to circulate in the first place. TikTok’s decision to remove the hashtag comes as Republican lawmakers claim the app threatens national security due to its associations with China and the prevalence of young users on the platform.

Although TikTok banned the phrase “Letter to America” from its platform’s search terms, videos regarding bin Laden’s letter are still readily accessible by searching his name. According to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, over 40 videos about bin Laden’s letter to America are still on the platform.

In the letter, Osama bin Laden criticizes Israel and claims the United States is complicit in the eradication of the Palestinian people. Osama bin Laden also criticizes the United States for being involved in foreign countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Some influencers claim the letter helped them understand more about the United States’ involvement in the Middle East and the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

TikTok isn’t the only platform on which the “Letter to America” went viral, as bin Laden’s letter is considered a trending search on Google-owned YouTube. According to Google Trends, searches involving bin Laden or the letter increased by over 400% in just two days.

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