Billionaire Says It’s Too Late to Dump Biden, Dems Made Huge Mistake

( – Billionaire Bill Ackman is warning that Biden will likely lose the general election in November and there’s no one to blame but the Democrat party leadership for instilling “false confidence” that Joe Biden had a chance to win. Ackman is the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management and regularly makes large investments in major corporations and then advises them on how to become a more profitable business.

Ackman expressed himself in a post on X wherein he bashed the Democrats over their support for Joe Biden as it prevented the emergence of better, younger candidates which could continue to lead the party into the future. He suggested the support of Biden was “the biggest mistake” the party could have made. He added that the problem is compounded by the party inspiring the belief in Biden that he could win.

That resulted in his pursuing another term instead of stepping down and allowing less known names to emerge. Ackman highlighted polling which revealed Trump was dominating in swing states. He said that it’s too late now to replace Biden with someone else.

Ackman also expressed his belief that the polls “understate Trump’s margin” of victory as many people are afraid to openly express their support for Trump. He added that Biden’s greatest legacy will be handing the presidency back to Trump.

Ackman made his fortune buying double-digit percentages of stakes in companies like Hilton and Chipotle and made suggestions for them to increase profitability.

A new CNN poll published on April 28 showed Trump gaining over Biden after the men were neck-and-neck for months in national polls. Respondents indicated that Trump’s term in office was overall more successful for the nation and themselves than Biden’s. Trump had 49% backing him over 43% for Biden. Fifty-five percent of respondents said that Trump’s presidency was a success, while 61% said Biden’s term has been a failure.

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