Biden’s Support Collapses With Black Voters

( – Most Americans likely don’t need Newsweek to tell them that Joe Biden’s support among black voters appears to be tanking. Major economic concerns aside, the President is forced to contend with his own seemingly never-ending racial gaffes, the latest of which involved the Commander-in-Chief referring to LL Cool J as “boy” within earshot of the Congressional Black Caucus.

In addition to the fallout from potentially racist or racial statements, Biden also appears to be dealing with concerns from the black community about his more tangible policies and the state of his health. Newsweek, who many would say could once be relied on to write gleaming pro-Biden pieces, says that black voters are walking away from the President in droves.

Biden’s 2021 approval rating among blacks was a whopping 80%. Today, according to the magazine, it has dropped to 63%. The magazine points out that the President has been especially affected by a growing “discontent” in the younger generation.

Demographics are destiny, they say, and among blacks who are 18-49, only about 58% are giving their nod of approval to their President’s first three years. Juxtapose that number against the nearly 79% of blacks over the age of 50 that support Biden’s performance and you have the makings of what appears to be a generational anomaly.

When looking beyond Biden’s first term, the numbers seem to be worse. Only about 21% of those polled in the 18-49 age group want the incumbent to run for a second term in 2024 and only 50% of the older demographic wants the same. Though the poll did not specifically address the President’s perceived mental health, the White House is unable to hide from any number of recent presidential incidents that most likely find odd.

Biden’s recent collision with a flag and his near-verbatim repetition of the same story inside just a few minutes have left many asking if something is wrong with the 80-year-old.

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