Biden’s Border Policy Heightens Terror Risk

( – Conservative legislators have long warned that the Biden administration’s border policy would likely lead to Islamic terrorists being able to cross the U.S.-Mexico border with impunity. Following the carnage that unfolded in Israel on October 7, the director of the FBI warned of an increased risk to the homeland.

Many would likely say they were not surprised in the least by Christopher Wray’s warning. His words were preceded by report after report from both mainstream and independent outlets that indicated Customs and Border Protection agents were actively and regularly engaging with suspects on the U.S. terror watch list who were trying to take advantage of a largely unguarded southern border.

During an October 16 appearance on Newsmax, Texas Rep. Beth Van Duyne told her host that despite statements from the White House to the contrary, the Biden administration is not sincere about averting potential acts of terrorism. The Lone Star Republican pointed out that thousands of non-citizens have crossed into the United States with the blessing of the administration since Biden assumed the presidency.

Many of those are demonstrably from adversarial countries. Van Duyne conveyed that she wished the White House “had thought about” the implications an open border would have on terrorism before they began “disseminating and” totally “eradicating Trump’s strategy.” The Way and Means Committee member also said she wished “they” would have “thought” about “that before” allowing millions of “illegal aliens into” the “country.”

Van Duyne further told Newmax that of the millions of crossers, “tens of thousands” are from nations who are hostile to the United States. The lawmaker then presented her host with a partial breakdown of that total and said that a combined 7,722 individuals from the nations of Syria, Yemen, Iran and Afghanistan had been caught entering the U.S. in the recent past.

So far this year, 151 known terror suspects have been caught at the southern border.

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