Biden’s Border Policies Endanger US

( – On October 22, Alejandro Majorkas’ predecessor told Newmax that President Biden is continuing to engage in a policy of leading “from behind.” Former Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf blamed a host of international and domestic crises on what he said was the current Command-in-Chief’s lack of engagement on matters of importance.

Wolf said that as a result, the nation is now balancing wars in both Ukraine and Israel and that “other hostilities” are actively “breaking out” around “the world.” Biden’s immigration policies at the southern border have exposed the “homeland” to an increased risk of “danger,” he said.

Wolf told his host that U.S. intelligence agencies are fully aware that Israel’s enemies consider America to be on par with the Jewish State. In addition to targeting Israelis in the Middle East, “Hamas, Hezbollah and” other like-minded terrorist entities view “Americans” as “the enemy,” Wolf said.

Only eight days after Hamas’ attack on Israel, FBI Director Christopher Wray acknowledged that the organization and “other foreign terrorist” groups could be planning attacks in the United States. During his appearance on Newsmax, Wolf opined that the “wide open” U.S.-Mexico “border” would be taken advantage of by those intent on harming American citizens.

Wolf further pointed out that illegal immigration into the United States is often dominated by “military-aged men” who are “from adversarial countries.” The ex-Homeland Security official is not alone in his observation. He is joined by a chorus of other pundits and legislators who have voiced concern about the increasing numbers of potential terror suspects who are being engaged by Customs and Border Protection agents.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently said that CBP agents had apprehended almost 170 individuals who were on the nation’s terror watch list over the last year. According to CBP data, a minimum of tens of thousands of men from adversarial countries have come across the border in the last two years.

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