Biden Slammed for Hosting BBQ

( – President Joe Biden hosted a barbecue event for White House staff after the surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, in which at least 4 Americans tragically lost their lives, which caused controversy. Outside the White House gates, Palestinian sympathizers protested and demanded that US aid to Israel is stopped.

A pool reporter at the scene noted the sound of a band playing on the White House lawn amid the protests. When asked about the music, a spokesperson explained that Biden and his wife were hosting a barbecue for White House Residence staff and their families.

Biden has yet to make a public statement regarding the Saturday attack, apart from acknowledging a phone call with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The news of the barbecue gathering sparked criticism online.

Podcaster Joey Mannarino expressed outrage, highlighting that at least four Americans are presumed dead in Israel while the President was hosting a barbecue. Abigail Jackson, a spokesperson for Senator Josh Hawley, commented that Biden was enjoying a barbecue with live music while not closely monitoring the situation, except for perhaps the food on his plate.

The festival where the attack happened took place very close to Israel’s border with the Gaza strip. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning to Hamas militants, holding them accountable for the captives’ safety. He pledged to defeat the group but cautioned that it would take time. Netanyahu vowed ‘mighty vengeance’ and urged innocent Palestinians to leave Gaza immediately.

At the same time of the speech, a huge column of Israeli tanks was spotted heading towards the border. During the weekend, an Israeli military spokesperson acknowledged that the situation in southern Israel is still not under full control.

Steve Guest pointed out that the National Security Council had claimed the President was ‘monitoring the situation closely’ while simultaneously hosting a barbecue.

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