Biden Impeachment Inquiry Coming Within the Week

( – Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has officially announced that members of his chamber will be moving forward with an impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Joe Biden. The Republican leader told reporters on September 12 that “credible allegations” regarding the President’s “conduct” have been “uncovered” by GOP legislators.

McCarthy said he was “directing” the various “House committees” to formally begin the process. The Speaker said that doing so would empower lawmakers to be able to uncover all the relevant facts in the case. Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee will head the investigation in cooperation with fellow Republicans Jim Jordan and Jason Smith, according to McCarthy.

McCarthy did not accept any questions from the media, nor did he make any mention of having a vote prior to the inquiry beginning. The apparent lack of a floor vote on McCarthy’s part runs counter to what he had said in early September, when he told Breitbart that an inquiry would not begin until one had taken place.

Many have been expecting an announcement of this nature for some time. Three House committees have been investigating the Biden family amidst allegations that the President’s son traded nefariously on his last name. Hunter Biden is known to have done business with overseas nationals and has admitted to such, though not to anything that was illegal.

Legislators are now tasked with showing that President Biden benefited from his son’s arrangements personally or that he used his status as an elected official to influence those deals. Some GOP Reps have indicated they are skeptical about both the timing of the inquiry and its chances of success.

A week before McCarthy made the announcement, North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop suggested the Speaker was “dangling” the inquiry in front of the more hawkish members of the House in an effort to bypass confrontation with them when it came time to negotiate the upcoming budget deal.

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