Biden Considering Executive Action for Border

( – The Biden administration might soon take executive action to address illegal migration, as there is a standstill regarding legislative action. US officials from the administration have said that these considerations prove the Biden administration is proactive regarding the border crisis, even if the GOP thinks otherwise.

Considering the recent record-breaking number of border crossings, with more than 10,000 crossings in December 2023, the action would be timely. While the specifics of the measures are still being drafted, officials anticipate some opposition from Democrats in Congress. However, they do anticipate support from the Democratic mayors seeking federal assistance in managing the migrant influx within their cities. New legislation is not yet imminent, though.

Senate Republicans recently blocked a bipartisan border bill negotiated over months with Democrats and the Biden administration. A White House spokesperson expressed disappointment, emphasizing the need for Congress to push for significant policy reforms and provide more funding for border security.

Even if executive actions help enforce the border, officials acknowledge there is still a small impact compared to the potential effects of an officially passed border security bill in Congress. Officials nevertheless believe any action is better than none.

President Biden, facing criticism within his party and lagging in polls on border-related issues compared to Donald Trump, views the blocked bipartisan bill as a missed opportunity for immigration system reform.

To fight against political backlash and portray Republicans as unwilling to address the problem, Biden plans to leverage the GOP’s rejection of the bipartisan legislation. However, his vulnerability on the border issue is still there, with Trump still maintaining a huge lead.

The administration has previously taken similar actions, such as introducing restrictions in May to expedite deportations for migrants when Covid restrictions were lifted at the border. Despite these efforts, overwhelming numbers led to the release of the majority of apprehended migrants into the US anyway.

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