Biden Challenger Disagrees With Ruling That Kicked Trump Off Ballot

( – The Colorado state Supreme Court’s ruling that Trump should be removed from the 2024 ballot for his role in the events of January 6th has inspired incredible backlash from a variety of politicians across the political spectrum. The latest candidate to criticize the move as authoritarian and undemocratic is running against Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) said that while he believed Trump did participate in an insurrection on J6, he has not been convicted of the crime in a court of law. Many have argued the attempt to remove him abrogates Trump’s due process rights, unfairly punishing him for a crime he hasn’t been convicted of.

Phillips is challenging Biden for the Democratic nomination, but is way behind in polling and himself is unlisted on the ballot in several states, betraying how the Democrats prefer to run ‘elections.’

Biden said Trump’s insurrection was “self-evident” but added it was up to the courts whether the 14th Amendment applied in this case. Many challenge the assertion that the events of J6 qualify as an insurrection due to the rioters not possessing firearms or showing any intention to take control of the government by force.

Trump called the ruling “ELECTION INTERFERENCE” in all-caps on Truth Social.

Former Democratic presidential primary candidate RFK Jr. who is now running as an independent in the general election due to obstruction by the party slammed the Colorado decision as undemocratic. He pointed out that when foreign courts block candidates from the ballot in other countries we rightly declare that undemocratic.

RFK further qualified his sentiments saying he wasn’t a Trump supporter, if he was, he wouldn’t run against him, but that he wanted to win the contest in a free and fair challenge. He said voters should choose who wins, not the courts.

The Colorado ruling stems from a civil suit paid for by two non-profits which both received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. The 14th amendment was passed in the aftermath of the Civil War and was intended to prohibit Confederates from holding office.

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