Biden And Trump’s Document Cases Branded As Similar

( – On Sunday, February 11, former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker made an argument on Newsmax that the case against former President Donald Trump involving classified documents is more like the investigation of President Joe Biden than what is being depicted by the mainstream media. Whitaker said that the lack of charges against Biden is due to the perception of him as an elderly man with memory issues rather than a criminal defendant, according to special counsel Robert Hur’s report.

Whitaker shared his views on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report,” emphasizing the special counsel’s apparent decision to present Biden as “unwillfully ignorant” due to his age. He raised questions about the rationale, expressing concern that Biden has not faced charges for wilfully withholding documents, especially when Trump is confronted with 30 counts for similar reasons. Whitaker also questioned why Trump’s alleged criminal circumstances are covered far more by the media than Biden’s are.

The former acting Attorney General highlighted the inconsistency, pointing out that Delaware or DC would have provided generous juries for Biden. Whitaker stressed that failing to prosecute Biden because of the perception that he is merely a “well-meaning” elderly man with memory problems goes against the principles of equal protection under the law and the notion that no one is above the law.

In examining Biden’s situation, Whitaker questioned the President’s explanation of finding classified documents in his basement in 2017 during a period when he was not the vice president. According to Whitaker, Biden mentioned the documents to his biographer but took no other action explaining their presence.

Regarding calls for using the 25th Amendment against Biden based on concerns about his competence, Whitaker suggested that there might be reluctance in the government to pursue this action because of doubts about Vice President Kamala Harris’s readiness to take over the presidency. Whitaker urged serious discussions within the Cabinet if any member believes the 25th Amendment should be considered.

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