Biden Admin Gives ‘Mass Amnesty’

( – The Biden administration is giving “mass amnesty” to hundreds of thousands of migrants.

Since 2022, the US government has approved nearly 400,000 asylum cases for applicants without criminal records, who are not considered threats for national security. This allows migrants to remain in the US permanently without getting deported.

Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge, has described this move as a sneaky way to achieve mass amnesty. According to him, the Biden administration is allowing people to live in the country indefinitely, even though they have no legal rights to stay in the US. The US is currently struggling with millions of unprocessed asylum claims, with some applicants waiting years for a decision.

Donald Trump, among others, has heavily criticized Biden on border security and illegal immigration. According to him, policies of the Biden administration are directly to blame for the border crisis.

Only migrants without criminal records qualify for their case being dismissed. ICE officials stated that if these people end up committing crimes after all, the deportation process must restart. Hector Quiroga, an immigration lawyer in Washington, said that while those with dismissed cases cannot receive benefits or work permits, they can reapply for asylum or seek visas or other forms of legal ways to stay in the country.

Biden has plans to address public concerns about illegal immigration, one of the most important issues for the 2024 Presidential elections. This week he is expected to sign an executive order to completely close the US-Mexico border if illegal crossings exceed over 2,500 people every week. The lockdown would be lifted if the number drops to 1,500 a day instead.

This order could close the border to asylum seekers immediately, given how high the current rates of people crossing are. A law pushed earlier in the year attempted to cap illegal crossings at 5,000 per day but failed in Congress due to not gaining enough traction between Democrats and Republicans.

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