Biden Admin Delays Aid to Israel

( – According to reports from current and former US officials, the US government has paused its sale of precision weapons to Israel amid the current conflict in Gaza.

The recent months of violence in Gaza have resulted in a significant number of casualties and many observers are even accusing the Israeli armed forces of genocide.

Critics have long voiced concerns over the US policy of providing military aid to Israel during the conflict with Palestine. They argue that such support is not allowed according to US laws, which prohibit military support to countries directly accused of human rights violations.

The proposed sale included up to 6,000 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs) and is estimated to be worth $250 million dollars. However, the Biden administration has not yet moved forward with the formal congressional notification process, effectively pausing the deal. The delay has raised some eyebrows, particularly given the ongoing conflict and the usual US support for Israel.

Experts on US arms sales suggest that if the delay was intentional, it would mark a huge difference from previous administrations’ approaches during conflicts involving Israel. The US has historically been extremely supportive of the country. Nonetheless, the official reasons behind the delay remain unclear.

The delay is coincidentally happening as more students are protesting in support of Palestine across US campuses. Many of these protesters are also questioning the US government’s support for Israel’s actions. Advocates for Palestinian rights argue that only verbal criticism from US officials is insufficient. They are calling for a complete stop on all military aid to Israel.

The White House National Security Council has declined to comment on whether weapons sales to Israel had been officially put on hold. However, they did reiterate the US’ commitment to Israel’s security. The situation remains tense, with ongoing diplomatic efforts to broker a ceasefire and address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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