Ben Shapiro Makes Musical Debut With Tom MacDonald

( – Independent Canadian musician Tom MacDonald regularly gets millions of views on his music videos. MacDonald is known for his cultural-critical attitude where he chastises wokeness and other popular narratives from the media establishment. His videos are visually exciting and littered with witty commentary delivered rhymically by MacDonald himself.

His latest song, “Facts” invites Daily Wire creator Ben Shapiro to take the mic, rapping for the first time ever. The song was incredibly popular earning millions of views and over 57,000 comments in the first 24 hours it was uploaded.

Despite its success, MacDonald took to social media to complain about the video being suppressed by the establishment. MacDonald outed independent music company TuneCore for its refusal to distribute the song, citing complaints about “lyrical content.” In addition, MacDonald blasted YouTube for manipulating the trending videos to put “Facts” in second place behind Megan Thee Stallion.

MacDonald said that YouTube uses views and comments as the metrics to gauge where videos are trending relative to one another, and showed that “Facts” had nearly a million more views and over thirty thousand more comments for the same period. He suggested that YouTube wants users to consume “manufactured bullsh**” instead of controversial original content.

He suggested folks could show support by downloading the song on Amazon or iTunes and leaving comments on the video on YouTube.

Shortly after the release, “Facts” charted to the top song on the iTunes new releases in the United States. Shapiro, a regular critic of rap as a genre of music, joked that his parents paid for his violin lessons so he could go on to be “the #1 rapper in America” in a post on X.

Shaprio said he “leapt at the chance” to co-star with MacDonald and collaborate on a song, sarcastically suggesting the two decades of classical violin training he’s had was excellent preparation.

MacDonald said he wanted to do something “nobody else can do” and suggested getting Ben Shapiro to rap was one of those things. MacDonald said Shapiro “nailed it” considering he’s never recorded rap in a studio before. At time of writing, “Facts” had over 8 million views on YouTube.

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