Bakery Owner Says He Suffered $70k Damage From Street Looters

( – In Compton, California, Reuben Ramirez Jr., the owner of Ruben’s Bakery & Mexican Food, has expressed anger and disappointment after his establishment fell victim to a violent mob attack, resulting in huge financial losses and property damage. The bakery, operated by Ramirez’s family for nearly half a century, had previously survived events such as the 1992 Rodney King riots and the pandemic, rarely closing its doors except for major holidays.

The riot involved over 100 looters, some even using a car to ram the store’s entrance during the chaotic street takeover. The aftermath revealed damages exceeding $70,000, including stolen goods like food, cash, lottery tickets, and essential equipment like cash registers and weighing scales. Also, because of health safety concerns, a big amount of perishable food had to be thrown away, further straining the bakery’s resources.

Ramirez, visibly distraught, said he was disappointed and frustrated, stating that all of his family’s hard work was lost in the blink of an eye. He emphasized the increasing number of such flash riots in Compton, calling upon authorities for more action to stop this disturbing new trend.

The bakery’s struggles resonate with other local businesses, many of which have experienced similar riots or disturbances, which usually culminate in criminal activities, which there is a lot of in Compton. California or the city of Compton have not stated any sort of plan or solution to prevent these types of attacks from happening. Ramirez is now tasked with the daunting challenge of rebuilding his business because of the riot.

Surveillance footage from the incident is being investigated, though identifying the people involved proves challenging as many concealed their identities with masks and hoods. Ramirez lamented the lack of preventative laws in the community, saying there seems to be no current viable solution.

Compton Mayor Emma Sharif has reassured residents of collaborative efforts with law enforcement agencies to apprehend those responsible for these disruptive and damaging activities. There is a gofundme set up for the bakery to try and regain some of the losses.

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