Babies Abandoned in London Over Seven Years Reveal To Be Siblings

( – Earlier this year, a baby girl was found abandoned in a shopping bag in East London. This is the third time in seven years that the same parents have abandoned a child under similar circumstances.

British police found the abandoned baby on Tuesday, June 4. According to their spokesperson, the infant girl is named Elsa. She was found by a person who was on a walk with their dog at nighttime near an intersection in the district of Newham.

DNA tests later confirmed that Elsa is the full sibling of two other babies previously abandoned in the same exact area. The first child, Harry, was found in a park in Newham in September 2017, and the second baby found, Roman, was discovered in a children’s park at the end of 2019. This information was made public after a family court judge in East London ruled the story was of public interest and allowed the British media, including the BBC and PA Media, to report that all the children found are siblings.

According to the BBC, Elsa, who was only around an hour old when she was abandoned, is currently in foster care and doing well. The other siblings have been previously adopted by different families.

Detective Inspector Jamie Humm acknowledged the significant public interest generated by the case. However, he said that he also understands the amount of public backlash the story gave rise to once it got out. So, according to him, it’s in the government’s best interest to find the mother and to support her so this incident does not repeat. He emphasized the police’s ongoing efforts in the case.

The family court also noted that the siblings would be informed of their connection. There are currently plans in motion for all three of them to connect and establish contact as they grow up.

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