Arrest Made For Attack On Bernie Sanders’ Office

( – On Sunday, April 7, law enforcement arrested 35-year-old Shant Soghomonianin in connection with the attack on Senator Bernie Sanders’ office in Burlington, Vermont. Soghomonian, a California resident, set the building on fire with the intention to destroy it. The fire damaged the building but thankfully caused no harm to its occupants. Soghomonian is currently facing arson charges, according to the US attorney’s office for the District of Vermont.

The full motive behind the incident is not currently known. Security footage allegedly shows Soghomonian spraying an unknown liquid near the outer door of Sanders’ office and igniting it with a handheld lighter. He then fled the scene. Burlington police stated that the fire made it difficult for the office staff to evacuate and posed a threat to their safety. If Soghomonian is convicted, he could face over two decades in prison and a fine of up to $250k.

The building he targeted is also a former Masonic temple listed on the National Register of Historic Places and houses various offices and retail spaces.

Bernie Sanders was not present during the incident. At the time, he was rallying with hotel workers during a strike in Los Angeles. His director, Kathryn Van Haste, expressed relief that no one was harmed. She praised the quick response of local first responders, who coordinated with US Capitol Police and the Senate Sergeant at Arms, who is responsible for protecting congressional buildings and members of Congress.

In today’s political climate, it seems most politicians face constant risks no matter which side of the political spectrum they fall on. These sorts of incidents seem to become increasingly frequent especially during election seasons, as both sides fight for the presidency. Even if an attack targets a particular candidate or party, these acts are dangerous not only to the politicians. They also pose real danger to regular American citizens, such as office workers who were present during Soghomonian’s attack.

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