Arizona Governor Signs Bill Repealing State’s 1864 Abortion Law

( – Arizona Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs signed a repeal of a 1864 anti-abortion law on Thursday, May 2. The law would have effectively outlawed all abortions except in the case where the mother’s life was threatened. The repeal means that a 15-week abortion ban passed years ago by Gov. Ducey (R) will be the default law in Arizona.

There may be a short period of time where the total ban comes into effect, but Hobbs’ Attorney General Kris Mayes said they’re looking into ways to completely nullify the legal potential of the virtually complete ban on abortions.

The repeal was passed with the help of several Republicans in the state congress. Two Republican state senators and three members of the state House voted with all the Democrats to repeal the law. Hobbs suggested she was doing all she could to “protect our reproductive freedoms,” otherwise known as the ability to kill an unborn baby. Leftists frequently speak in euphemistic language to avoid uncomfortable truths.

The state’s highest court issued a ruling last month indicating that despite the age of the law, it was still valid and thus would be enforceable if it goes into effect.

Trump and local Republican icon Kari Lake called to repeal the law, many saw it as archaic and inappropriate. Republicans have been easing off pushing for bans on the practice of terminating pregnancies as it’s a political hot button that tends to bring out Democrat voters. While some conservative Christians believe the issue is worth pursuing, many moderate Republicans argue that the work of returning the issue to the states is done and that’s where it should be left, including Trump.

President Joe Biden has made the issue central to his campaign, promising to return unlimited abortions up to the moment of birth to every state in the country during his second term, should he be reelected.

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