Apple Ends Multi-Billion Effort to Build Electric Cars

( – Apple has reportedly abandoned its decade-long project of building electric cars. This project was known internally as “Project Titan.”

At an unexpected team gathering, executives revealed that several employees on the project will be moving to work on artificial intelligence (AI) projects in the company. They also discussed preparations for layoffs. Apple had previously planned to invest billions of dollars in the development of an electric car. This move is a dramatic departure from that plan.

Elon Musk responded to Apple’s decision by posting emojis of a salute and a cigarette on Twitter.

Apple’s plans for an electric car have changed a bunch of times in the last decade, owing to conditions such as layoffs in 2016 and the departure of an important executive to Ford in 2021. In early 2024, it was reported that Apple had delayed the estimated release of the car until at least 2028, showing less interest in the industry than before. Apple indicated that it wanted to change its goal for the car from a fully autonomous vehicle to one with more limited capabilities. According to insiders, however, the cancellation of the project was last-minute and the employees involved had no indication that it would be dropped.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, had hinted at the company’s interest in making cars in the past, but there was never a formal announcement regarding any production. Apple recruited executives from well-known car companies like Lamborghini and Tesla in past years for meetings. In 2019, it even bought out the vehicle startup The project was shrouded in secrecy and led to widespread speculation in both the car and tech industries.

Tim Cook recently highlighted Apple’s current focus on artificial intelligence and the future implementation of AI features to consumers within the year. AI’s growth in the past two years has gotten the attention of most major tech companies.

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