America Divided on Biden Impeachment Probe

( – There is a division in the US regarding the GOP-led Impeachment campaign against President Biden. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted between September 8 and September 14, an almost equal number of Americans would be okay with or would not approve an impeachment.

Republicans argue that there is a “corruption culture“ surrounding Hunter Biden and the many controversies he is embroiled in, which is also their main reason for the impeachment inquiry. They believe these controversies warrant an investigation.

In response, the White House has labeled the probe as a political maneuver unsupported by factual evidence.

Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, has been involved in various foreign business ventures and has confronted issues related to substance abuse. Notably, he was charged for convincing a dealer into selling him a firearm illegally, marking the first-ever indictment of a sitting president’s child. No evidence has yet been produced regarding the president’s involvement in any of his son’s activities.

The poll shows a definite bipartisan divide. Politicians and citizens who are Democrats are mostly against an inquiry, while those who identify as Republicans are in favor of one.

Respondents who identified as independents displayed a more balanced stance, with 38% wanting an impeachment inquiry, 30% being against it, and 32% remaining unsure.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll also showed that 46% of those who partook in the poll believed there was political motivation in the case regarding Hunter. Earlier polls have indicated that a good number of Americans believe Hunter Biden has received preferential treatment.

If an investigation were to begin, all the controversy that would ensue could lead to an impeachment vote within the Republican-controlled House, regardless of the split public opinion. If a vote were to be made, it would have to pass through the Democrat-controlled Senate with a large two-thirds approval, which is very unlikely to happen.

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