Alina Habba Removed From Trump’s Case

( – Trump lawyer Alina Habba, who has been helping him on the New York civil fraud case, will be replaced by Armen Morian as the primary attorney representing former CFO of the Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg going forward according to a legal filing from April 7.

Habba and Morian are both long term Trump associates. Habba has represented Trump in multiple appearances and has fast become a regular fixture at Mar-A-Lago.

Trump is the current presumptive GOP nominee for president after dominating the primary season. He’s facing four criminal prosecutions which he has maintained are completely concocted political shams and thinly veiled election interference. The cases are chewing up huge amounts of Trump’s financial resources.

Weisselberg filed a change of attorney notice on April 7 with Judge Arthur Engoron’s court; Engoron was the judge who oversaw the real estate fraud trial. He found Trump guilty and issued a ridiculous half a billion dollar fine. The exorbitant fine was so large that insurance underwriters couldn’t even guarantee the amount.

Trump won a judgment from the NY Court of Appeals which reduced the required amount to $175 million, allowing his appeal to proceed. Knight Specialty Insurance will float the bond, there was recently some difficulty getting the bond approved and that process is still ongoing. NY attorney general Letitia James was practically licking her chops over the prospect of seizing some of Trump’s assets.

Habba confirmed to Newsweek that the change of roles was mutually agreed upon by all parties involved and that there was no animosity behind the scenes. She called Weisselberg “a dear friend” in her comments.

Weisselberg pled guilty to two charges of perjury on March 4 for testimony he gave in the NY fraud case. His plea deal will see him endure 5 months in prison starting on April 10. He agreed to testify in the NY fraud case in exchange for reduced sentencing on charges of multiple tax crimes.

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