Abbott Tells NYC Mayor To Sue Biden, Not Bus Companies

( – NYC Mayor Eric Adams doesn’t know what to do about the illegal immigrant crisis inundating his city with more than a hundred thousand needy foreigners desperate for food, housing, medical, and social services. He begged President Joe Biden to intervene but got no response. Adams tried to force bus companies to coordinate their drop offs; they refused and dropped off the illegals at New Jersey transit hubs close to the city instead.

Now his gambit is suing the bus companies for violating a NYC law that prohibits the intentional transport of needy individuals to the city for the purposes of getting them aid. The $708 million suit blames “reckless political ploys” for the disaster instead of the Biden administration’s refusal to simply maintain the border.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s administration has chartered thousands of buses since August 2022 to relocate illegals from Texas to Democrat-controlled cities who had proclaimed themselves as sanctuary cities and thus destinations for illegals. Sanctuary cities like NYC, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles had previously made a big deal about their willingness to defy federal authorities during the Trump administration who were looking to facilitate the deportation of illegal immigrants at the time.

When asked about the lawsuit, Abbott suggested Adams should sue Biden and Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas. Mayorkas is the official subordinate to Biden who is ostensibly responsible for protecting the nation’s borders.

Speaking with Fox News, Abbott predicted that the lawsuit would fail “badly” as there is nothing illegal about the transfer of migrants and the Biden administration had already established that the individuals who illegally enter are considered legal.

Mayorkas has attempted to blame Congress for failing to pass immigration reform, which has been the party line from the Democrats for the entire duration of the crisis. He’ll be the focus of an impeachment inquiry, where several states’ attorneys general will testify to the impact of the crisis on their individual states.

Republicans blame the Biden’s administration for the crisis, and they compare the number of illegals entering the country during Trump’s administration as the basis for their allegations.

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