Abbott Says UN Can ‘Go Pound Sand’ After LGBTQ+ Backlash

( – Numerous organizations claiming to represent gay people wrote to the United Nations to complain about “the deteriorating human rights” of gay people in Texas. The letter cited “hostile” new laws and critical commentary from Texan conservatives who oppose things like gender transitions for minor children, public lewdness, and adult content in children’s books.

The organizations who signed the letter include the ACLU of Texas, Equality Texas, GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, and human rights campaigners affiliated with the University of Texas. They expressed their concerns as speakers for “LGBTQ+” people, the infamous alphabet soup acronym is an umbrella term that allows heterosexuals and transgenders to be included with homosexuals and bisexuals for political purposes. The organizations have come to lean left in recent years and have largely focused on legal and public criticism of transgenderism, or the idea that some people are “born in the wrong body.”

They cited seven new laws in Texas as specific examples of their complaint. Senate Bill 12 outlawed “sexually oriented performances” in any public venue if there are minors present. Critics complained that this outlawed drag shows for children. Senate Bill 14 banned medicalized sterilization and mutilation of minors under the guise of affirming their “gender-identity.” Senate bill 15 limited college sports participation to their biological gender exclusively with no special exceptions for transgenders. Senate Bill 17 prohibited publicly funded universities from implementing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives or offices. Senate Bill 763 authorized schools to have religious advisors as counselors for students. House Bill 900 gives schools authority to restrict access to specific books if they’re considered “vulgar,” or otherwise contain adult content. House Bill 2127 limits local governments from expanding the scope of non-discrimination laws already on the books.

They complain that these laws “disrupt the lives” of people under the alphabet soup spectrum. Many conservative homosexuals agree with the laws and complain that these organizations fail to represent or include them when they produce letters like this one. The signers asked the U.N. to “make inquiries” and collaborate with the Biden administration to overturn these “abuses of human rights.”

In an eloquent and simple response, Gov. Greg Abbott shared an article to X (formerly Twitter) discussing the letter with the six-word phrase, “The UN can go pound sand.

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