Abbott Says Biden Is Neglecting Border Duty

( – Following a recent Supreme Court ruling that said the Biden administration’s Border Patrol had the authority to remove razor wire fencing installed by the Texas Military Department along the southern border, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement suggesting Biden broke the deal between the United States and its States when he refused to enforce existing immigration law.

Abbott’s statement slams Biden for violating his oath of office wherein he swore to faithfully execute the laws passed by Congress. He further indicted Biden for instructing federal agencies to disregard federal law that mandated illegals remain in custody.

Invoking founding fathers like James Madison and Alexander Hamilton who Abbott described as prophetic in their foresight when crafting the constitution, he described Biden’s failure to maintain the southern border as lawlessness and the facilitation of criminal activity. Abbott cited Article IV § 4 which states the federal government is responsible for protecting the states from invasion as well as Article I, § 10, Clause 3 which says that each State has a “sovereign interest” to protect its borders.

Abbott has been battling the Biden administration putting his constitutional authority to the test for years. Abbott formally declared an invasion in September last year on the advice of his legal team including Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. In the aftermath, Abbott has given Texas authorities more authority to defend the border.

During delivery of a statement to the press on Wednesday, January 24th, Abbott emphasized that his constitutionally derived authority is the “supreme law of the land.”

Texas officials have been denying Border Patrol access to the area known as Shelby Park, near Eagle Pass, Texas, where tens of thousands have illegally entered the country in just the last few months.

In response to Texas refusing to allow Biden’s agents to facilitate illegal entry, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) suggested Biden nationalize the Texas National Guard and take command away from Abbott. Rep. Greg Casar (D-TX) suggested the same thing. Whether Biden makes that aggressive move or allows the situation to play out in court remains to be seen.

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