73 Percent Say Biden ‘Too Old’ for Presidency

(ConservativeJournal.org) – A recent poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College reveals that a majority of registered voters in the US think that President Joe Biden is too old to be president. The findings indicate that 73% of respondents are concerned about Biden’s age impacting his effectiveness.

Even among those who voted for Biden in the 2020 election, more than half express concerns about his mental capacity and ability to lead the country. The poll deals a fresh blow to Biden’s re-election prospects, as his campaign has faced consistent criticism centered on age-related concerns and his competency as president.

As the oldest president ever who is going for re-election at 81 years old, Biden often falls behind Trump in the polls, who is four years younger. The latest poll indicates that nearly half of total registered voters believe Biden’s age is a significant problem that may impede his ability to handle the presidency.

Comparatively, around 40% of all registered voters think Trump is too old to be an effective president. Only 19% of voters believe Trump’s age stands in the way of his ability to be effective. Responding to the poll, Biden’s campaign communication manager Michael Tyler asserted that polling consistently overestimates Trump while underestimating Biden.

Tyler implied that the polls do not tell the whole story. He said that the actual behavior of voters shows that Biden and the Democrats are more trusted, and way ahead of Trump in terms of governance than the GOP ever could be. He called the GOP under Trump corrupt, broke, and weak. He also said Trump’s party is more divided than ever.

This recent poll follows a study released last month from Bloomsburg news, indicating that Biden is still behind Trump in key swing states, with slightly over 80% of voters in these states expressing concerns about Biden’s age as well, which reflects the opinions of voters across the country.

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